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Just when it freezes, your wool blankets are so clean outside again

When it freezes, your wool blankets will be fresh quickly

The coldest days of the year are perfect for cleaning your wool blankets. Do that just like Finns. When the temperature drops below 0 and there is dry, crackling snow, Finns take their rugs, blankets, duvets and pillows.

Cleaning with snow is a traditional way of washing and refreshing natural materials in Finland. Textiles that cannot be washed with water can often be cleaned with snow. All you need is dry crackling snow. The kind with which you can make those fine snowballs.

You can use a brush or broom, but wool mitts work just as well. Lay your blanket (like from the Finnish brand Lapuan Kankurit) on the snow and cover it completely with snow. Leave it there for a while and then remove lint and dust with your mittens, brush or broom. Cold air also freezes any stains and makes them easy to remove. Brush everything well and then let your blanket dry well (tip: let rugs dry flat). The freezing cold makes your blanket so dry and soft.

If you have the opportunity, finish your cleaning in style in the sauna (or hot tub). Even then, the cleaning properties of snow come in handy. For many Finns it is a must to roll in the snow after a warm sauna. It certainly ensures that your blood flows well. And the second round of sauna will feel even more blissful. Do you dare?

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