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    white folding lunch box that you can also use as a plate. With white strap.

    Uhmm box Uhmm box white folding lunch box that you can also use as a plate. With white strap.

    €15,00 €20,00

    Product description

    Lunchbox Uhmm box 02, hip Danish design 

    You certainly recognise this.. Such a crowded kitchen cupboard or kitchen drawer full of storage boxes and lunch boxes? So you have found the bowl, but not the lid, which turns out to be lying around in the back of the cupboard. But in the meantime you have had to remove your cupboard or drawer to find the lid!

    The ladies behind the Uhmm box also know this problem and have developed this very nice solution. Designer Anne Qvist has succeeded in designing the Uhmm box as a combination of a lunchbox, storage box, bowl and plate. She found the inspiration for the design in an old tradition: In Vietnam, food has been packed in palm leaves for millennia. Folding the palm leaves into a bowl or plate became the technique behind the Uhmm box.

    How does the Uhmm box work?

    The Uhmm box is sent to you flat in a cardboard package. You can easily fold the Uhmm box, put the lid over it and secure it with the silicone strap. The folding method speaks for itself, but you can always have a look at the instructions again. In the beginning, when you use the box for the first time, it is still a bit stiff, but you will notice that after a few times it folds smoothly. During product development, folding was tested no less than 1,000 times!

    When the Uhmm box is closed, it is not 100% waterproof. This ensures that the food stays fresh and can 'breathe'. The small openings on the lid minimize condensation and are so small, that liquid food does not run out (of course, always handle fluid food with care).  

    The openings also work as vapour holes, so there is no need to open the lid when using the Uhmm box in the microwave. The Uhmm box can also be used in the freezer! Making your own ice cream and serving it in a nice way is also possible in this box.

    When you want to eat, open the lid and you have a bowl. Need more space? Then fold back the edges and you have a plate. This flat plate is also the way to easily clean the Uhmm box in the dishwasher. You just put it folded flat between the plates.

    Specifications Uhmm box

    • Dimensions: 18 cm wide, 10 cm deep, 5 cm high
    • Does not contain phthalates such as parabens and other heavy metals
    • No more plastic bags or silver foil needed
    • Less food waste: take leftovers food with you to your work or sports club, for example
    • Approved for food; does not emit odour or colour 
    • For use in the microwave, dishwasher and freezer 
    • Comes in durable Kraftpak carton gift box
    • Make it personal with texts or drawings! See explanation below
    • Create your own unique Uhmm box with a beautiful text or illustration

    Personalize a Uhmm box. How do you do that?

    The Uhmm box looks great of course, but you can even give it your personal touch. Nice as a gift, with an appropriate quote on it for example! Write/draw with a water-based pen on it, then this goes off when you wash the dishes. But if you use a porcelain pen, your creation will remain on the Uhmm box.

    Place the Uhmm box flat on the table, write / draw on it and then put the Uhmm in the oven at 100°C for 25 minutes. After 25 minutes, turn the oven off and leave the Uhmm box in the oven until it has cooled down. Now your personal Uhmm box is ready and your creation remains on it!

    Important: do not set the oven higher than 100°C, otherwise the plastic will melt!

    Uhmm box: beautiful and durable Danish design

    Uhmm box is made of polypropylene. This is a durable plastic material. It is not only approved for food, but also for recycling 5. This means that the plastic material from the Uhmm box can be recycled after its lifetime and if the box is burned, it only leaves water and a little C0² to the environment.

    So Uhmm Box does not leave any harmful substances behind for the environment or the food, because it is free of phthalates as well as parabens and other heavy metals. Even when heated in the microwave, Uhmm Box does not leave any harmful substances in the food.

    The Uhmm Box is surface treated so that it does not absorb any odor or color of the food. Over time the surface treatment will wear out and therefore the lifespan of the Uhmm Box is about 2 years. 


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