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Almedahls Scandinavian kitchen accessories and kitchen textiles

Swedish design kitchen textiles from Almedahls: colorful tea towels made of linen / cotton, handy placemats and pot coasters. With typical Scandinavian colors and patterns.

The Swedish design company Almedahls has a very rich history. The company was founded as early as 1846. This makes it one of the oldest companies in West Sweden. The site of the first factory even has its own name: Almedal. This is an area in the Krokslätt district of the city of Gothenburg. Perhaps you have noticed the Almedal tram stop in Gothenburg, or the Almedalsvägen?

Kitchen textiles with Scandinavian design from the 50s

The new Picnic collection from Almedahls is a good example of the retro touch to the designs of Almedahls. The Picnic design was created in 1956 by Marianne Westman (born in 1928, died in 2017 in Falun, Sweden). Because of her successful tableware designs, she was also called 'porslinsmamma'. A nice compliment that does justice to her work.

Almedahls has revived the Picnic design with the colorful tea towels and placemats.