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Colorful crockery and glassware from Denmark

Cozy dinner together with Bitz with colorful earthenware plates and bowls and matching water bottles and drinking glasses. In beautiful green, blue and amber!

Colored ceramic tableware and glassware from Bitz Living from Denmark

Did you know that you eat 15% less from a colored plate? That is good when you eat a little less healthy, because we often eat too much unnoticed. And did you also know that you eat more when your dish is the same color as your plate? So serve your vegetables mainly on a green plate and so you eat a lot of healthy things! ♥

Bitz plates are made of glazed earthenware. This glaze gives the plates a nice shine, but also shows cutting marks and scratches over time. This is precisely the intention of Christian Bitz. This makes it look a lot more natural and raw than polished crockery, which fits in with Bitz's way of thinking about healthier food.

The Bitz tableware does not absorb colors, odors and flavors. You can also use everything in the microwave and in the oven up to 220˚C. You can also clean the plates in the dishwasher, nice and practical.

Bitz Denmark glasses and water bottles from recycled glass

The glasses and bottles from Bitz Denmark fit perfectly with the earthenware plates. The glass is also not perfectly smooth, but ribbed, which gives it a rustic look. The cap on the clasp is made of the same glazed pottery as the plates. A nice detail.

Who is Christian Bitz?

Christian Bitz wants to inspire Danes to live a healthier life. In a realistic way, without giving the feeling that someone 'has to'. And especially without 'hocus pocus' and with common sense. Food should be fun, a nice moment together at the table. This way you automatically eat slower (which is also better for your health) and more conscious.

Bitz has a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and is a research director in the Herlev and Gentofte hospitals. Here he is involved in various research projects and the development of better meals for patients. On Danish TV2, he hosted and expert on many TV shows, including 'Denmark's Greatest Diet'. He hosted the weekly DR1 consumer program 'Madmagasinet Bitz & Frisk'. In addition, he has already written eight books.