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Buy Scandinavian throws

Place a beautiful plaid over your sofa or chair and enjoy the wonderful warmth and soft material. Wide choice of beautiful Scandinavian plaids, in solid color or colorful.

Plaids are ideal home accessories. Nice and warm and very decorative. We therefore have a nice collection of 100% wool plaids in stock, from Lapuan Kankurit from Finland.

You can choose from a plaid in cheerful solid colors, or with graphic patterns. So that you can always find a suitable plaid for your interior. What a wonderful prospect to curl up on the couch in the evening with such a soft living blanket over you.

Scandinavian throws for winter and summer

lapuan-kankurit-wool-blanket-plaid-gray-white-kuusiDid you know that you can also use plaids in the spring and even in the summer? Wool is breathable and does not sweat. That is why you often see blankets and plaids ready on terraces in the summer. When it cools down in the evening it is nice to feel extra warmth from a plaid. And the fine fibers of wool feel very nice on your skin. Personal tip: put a plaid over your duvet if it is still cold at night. That is not 'heavy' and you do not sweat through the extra layer of wool.