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Scandinavian throws in your bedroom

Wool blankets in your bedroom give a wonderfully luxurious look. And they are very useful to feel some extra warmth. Just put a plaid over your duvet. The Scandinavian Plaids and Wool blankets do not feel heavy.

Plaids are of course beautiful home accessories in your Scandinavian interior, but you can also use them as a blanket in your bedroom. Elvang Denmark and Tina Ratzer products breathe and don't feel heavy. When it's cold, you can put a plaid over your duvet as a bedspread. It gives a comfortable extra warmth.

Cotton plaids by Simon Key Bertman and Funky Doris and Lapuan Kankurit

Does a woolen blanket seem a bit too warm to you and would you rather have a cotton plaid? We also have these for you. Simon Key Bertman's cotton blankets are very colorful. Funky Doris has blankets with a retro twist in the graphic patterns. Which one fits best in your bedroom?