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Almedahls coasters Picnic (set of 4)


Eva Solo Magnetic Coaster green (Set of 2)


Eva Solo Magnetic Coaster white (Set of 2)


Eva Solo Magnetic Coaster black (Set of 2)


Eva Solo Pan Coaster SmartMat Gray


Lind DNA leather coasters Curve in light blue


Lind DNA leather coasters Curve in olive green


Lind DNA leather coasters Curve in pastel green


Lind DNA leather coasters Curve in sky blue


Zone Denmark coaster Hexagon cactus


Zone Denmark Trivet gray coaster


Zone Denmark Trivet black coaster


Zone Denmark pan coaster Triangle gray


Zone Denmark pedal bin Nova black 5 liters


Zone Denmark coaster Trivet lime


Design Coasters

Perhaps coasters are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Scandinavian Design, but we also have these in our range. If you have a beautiful dining or coffee table at home, you naturally want to keep it beautiful for as long as possible! Therefore, make your choice from one of our many coasters.

With a Scandinavian interior in you living room and you kitchen you can use beautiful products such as candlesticks, candles and placemats. But Scandinavian design coasters also provide a lot of convenience, but also a beautiful look!

Table Coasters

Nordic Living has different coasters around your table zone-denmark-coasters-hexagon-trivet-coastersScandinavian Design look. The coasters for example Zone Denmark en Almedahls are beautiful, attractively colored silicone coasters. In addition, a soft and quiet landing is the best way to describe what happens when you put your glass on one of the silicone coasters.

Coaster Silicone

In our offer coasters of Zone Denmark you will find beautiful silicone coasters for your glasses or pans. The coasters come in different colors such as black, beige or gray and have a uni pattern. This makes them stylish and elegant, and not too present on the table.

In addition, we have the coasters in different shapes such as a hexagon coaster, an triangle coaster or just a classic round coaster.