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Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen is a Danish design brand founded by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen in 1999. Since their first product, the iconic Norm 69 lamp, Normann Copenhagen has strived to challenge the conventional rules of design. This is reflected in the use of traditional materials in unconventional ways and combinations.

Danish Design

Normann Copenhagen's fresh and innovative attitude stems from collaborations with established designers as well as the industry's new talents. Over the years, Normann Copenhagen's furniture, lighting, textiles and home accessories have won dozens of different design awards. Their flagship store in Copenhagen is also a flagship store of modern Danish design - located in an old cinema, the 1700 square meter showroom has often been considered the coolest store in Copenhagen.

Normann Copenhagen shorebird

Perhaps the most popular Normann Copenhagen products are the shorebirds. Designed by Icelandic designer Sigurjón Pálsson. The shorebirds are a series of distinctive wooden birds made. The simple, unadorned silhouette is based on shorebirds in the shallow water. Minimalistic and with care for small details such as variations in body thickness, neck length and the positioning of the legs and beak. This gives all three birds their own unique personality and makes the design come to life.

The largest of the three birds is inspired by the curlew, with its long neck and distinguished, down-curved beak. It's an aristocratic creature. His long legs take slow, deliberate steps as they carefully look around. The medium-sized bird is alert and active like a redshank. This elegant bird can often be found with other wading birds. The smallest bird is the sandpiper; a sociable bird, often found in large flocks.

Beautiful as a unique piece but even more fun in a family of shorebirds put together by you. The elegant Shorebird fits in almost any interior and makes a great housewarming gift.

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The Danish designer Simon Legald has designed a sophisticated series of lamps called Amp. The lamps are characterized by their high-quality materials of glass and marble. These add visual fragility and sensual heaviness to the design.

The idea for the shape of the lamp arose when the designer was restoring an old radio from the 1960s at home. While searching for spare parts for the radio, he was captivated by the glow emitted from the tube amplifier. The simple oval shape and glow of the lamp is a clear reference to this, just as the name Amp refers to the English term; tube amplifier. The proportions for each lamp have been carefully designed to ensure just the right balance between hard and soft and transparent and opaque.