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Take good care of your home and skin with Klinta scented candles

Do you also get a headache from chemical odors (such as air 'fresheners' !, nickel itching and other annoying substances? Then read this blog, because I have tips for you. Good for you and your interior!

In the spring I received a scented candle from the Swedish brand Klinta, with the request to test it. I loved the fragrance, garden mint (trädgårdsmyntha). But what I especially liked was that I could also use the candle oil on my skin.

I read on the site that you only need to light the candle and then after a few minutes you can already dip the oil with your finger from the glass, or pour it in your hand. The result is a wonderfully smelling skin cream, which absorbs quickly and works very well.

As you'd expect, I have sensitive skin, with an eczema-like nickel rash (metal buds are disastrous, for example). I don't want to use a hormone ointment for that and I'm certainly not a disciplined 'greaser', but of course I want to get rid of this itch.

The Klinta scented candle test proved to work very well and the irritated spots on my skin disappeared. Meanwhile, I even use the scented candle as a face cream!

Organic scented candles from Klinta

I decided to visit Klinta at a fair in Denmark and had a long conversation with Lisa Thrane Stevens (she owes her last name to her English husband; long story…). I was curious about her story, the ingredients and the possibilities of Klinta.

In the photo you can see me sniffing the scents to choose from about 40 different scents. Smelling coffee beans every now and then appears to neutralize your odor. And here too I noticed that it was no problem to smell all those scents, while entering a perfumery is already a 'no go' for me.

This is undoubtedly because the scented candles from Klinta do not contain any additives, but only natural ingredients.

The candles consist of 96% oil and are completely organic. No parabens, paraffin or other additives. And the scented candles have not been tested on animals ♥.

Use scented candles from Klinta as a massage candle.

Because that is also possible! Watch the short video below. The oil remains lukewarm and is ready for use almost immediately. Enjoy a mild fragrance while caring for your skin and muscles with the scented candle oil.

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