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Why the Curve shape is in Preben Lind's DNA

Lind DNA

About Preben Lind and Lind DNA

The story about LIND DNA is the story of an entrepreneur who happened to notice that the book in his hotel room was bound in a different material - recycled leather. Curiosity brought Preben Lind to one of the few manufacturers worldwide that offers that specific material. With an exclusive partnership agreement 6 years ago, the step was taken towards what would become an extremely successful Danish design agency - LIND DNA. Today the company sells to 50 countries worldwide and the most iconic product is the Curve placemat. With the same curved shape as the logo.

Because I think the Curve placemat and the black Curve tableware are the most beautiful items in the collection, I asked Preben Lind about his idea behind Curves:


What inspired you to create the Curve shape?

“I drew the shape by hand as a sketch for the logo of the company. I wanted a unique shape. Coincidentally I realized that the shape was suitable and even optimal for a placemat and then I started producing placemats. As a natural development we have developed the shape in a tableware product line.

Due to the characteristic shape of the Curve crockery With Curve, you can completely reinvent food: how to arrange and serve it on a plate, a platter or a bowl. At the same time, the collection allows you to play even more with the perfect symmetry of your table styling. The curves of Curve add an extra dimension ”.

Why did you choose black for the Curve tableware?

“We have chosen to produce the Curve service in black (and navy blue) because it matches very well with the unique, matt surface of the pottery. The entire 'Curve stoneware' collection consists of three different plates, a bowl and two bowls. We are now also launching the tableware collection in off-white. A color for every taste ”.

Which kitchen items are the bestsellers?

“Our number one bestseller is the Curve place mat in recycled leather. But when it comes to accessories, we see that our Curve salt and pepper set, consisting of two parts - made from European oak, with a decorative lid on top - sells the best. All parts of the salt-and-pepper set have a coating of recycled leather. They can be disassembled and reassembled as required - connected by invisible magnets.

In addition to other popular accessories, we have a collection of cutting boards made of 40 layers of kraft paper, pressed with tree resin. This compact laminate is a very strong and durable material, heat resistant up to 200 ° Celsius and dishwasher safe.

The collection has a wooden appearance and is available in a lighter and darker color (ash and walnut). The attractive design makes the planks very versatile and can also be used as decorative serving planks for tapas or snacks ”.

Are you a foody yourself?

“I like to cook when I have the time. I love a nicely laid table and I appreciate and enjoy the effort other foodies put into a meal. Of course my greatest contribution stems from my passion for design, craftsmanship and the art of creating.

I have become the 'development apartment' in our company and if one of us has an idea I can step into the workshop and quickly put together a prototype that we can discuss, try out and show to potential customers ”. 

Which Scandinavian dish would you serve on the black crockery?

“I am thinking of the typical Scandinavian dish with smoked white halibut fish. With slices of green cucumber and fennel, beautifully served with the classic Danish rye bread and a dressing of red onion, fromage fraîs, dill and dijon mustard. It is one of my personal favorites and the black plate emphasizes the colors of the food ”.

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